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What is JoeBizz?

My name is Joe Cabral and I am JoeBizz

I am a multi-talented performer whose resume includes:

- Performing live comedy and entertainment for nearly four decades. 

- TV appearances including America's Funniest People and Arsenio Hall's Flavor of the Future.

- Performed stand up comedy at the 1994 Montreal Comedy Festival.

- Hosting and performing in over 600 bachelor parties since 1980.

- Entertained in countless live shows at clubs, colleges and private parties all over New England.

- Created several parody songs that have been played on the radio.

- Appeared numerous times in the July 4th Ancients and Horribles parade

- Creator of the Chippunk and Skeletone tribute bands.

- Performed as Santa Claus at a local mall for 5 years and continue to make personal Santa appearances to the homes of friends and family during the holiday season.

 There really is "No BIZZ like JOEBIZZ" 

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